Welcome to Hail and Horn Gathering

Hail and Horn is an annual gathering organized by Canadian Heathens to express in fullness our ancient religious custom. The gathering is anchored by three intertwined rituals – blót, húsel and symbel – and a deep reverence for the Gods.

The coming year will be the sixth year of the gathering.  In 2017, we honour both the Horn-Blower, Heimdall and the Law-Knower, Syn.  Pre-registration for this event is open until June 9, 2017, but mark your calendars now to be at Raven’s Knoll for June 30 to July 3, 2017!


Join us on-line at our Facebook page, “Hail and Horn Gathering,” where lore and information regarding Heimdall and Syn, Heathenry and the gathering are shared.